Dr Jianyi Cheng

Incoming Assistant Professor
University of Edinburgh



William Gates Building

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, UK CB3 0FD

I am an incoming Assistant Professor at the ICSA Institute of the University of Edinburgh. My research aims to automatically produce small, fast, low-energy and secure computing systems using formal methods. My research interests include high-level synthesis, formal methods, deep learning systems and hardware security. I have a wide range of research collaborators, and you can find them in my publcation list.

Currently I am a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory with Prof. Timothy M. Jones. I am also a visiting researcher at Imperial College London, hosted by Dr Aaron Zhao. I completed my PhD at the CAS group of Imperial College London with Prof. George A. Constantinides and Dr John Wickerson.

NOTE: I have funding to support one or two PhD students including international studentships. If you are interested in applying, please check Joining us.

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Selected Publications
  1. ASPLOS 2024
    SEER: Super-Optimization Explorer for HLS using E-Graph Rewriting
    Jianyi Cheng , Samuel Coward , Lorenzo Chelini , Rafael Barbalho , and Theo Drane
  2. TC 2023
    Balancing Static Islands in Dynamically Scheduled Circuits using Continuous Petri Nets
    Jianyi Cheng , Estibaliz Fraca , John Wickerson , and George A Constantinides
  3. FCCM 2022
    Dynamic C-Slow Pipelining for HLS
    Jianyi Cheng , John Wickerson , and George A Constantinides
  4. TC 2021
    Efficient Memory Arbitration in High-Level Synthesis from Multi-Threaded Code
    Jianyi Cheng , Shane T Fleming , Yu Ting Chen , Jason Anderson , John Wickerson , and George A Constantinides
  5. FPGA 2020
    Combining Dynamic & Static Scheduling in High-Level Synthesis
    Jianyi Cheng , Lana Josipovic , George A Constantinides , Paolo Ienne , and John Wickerson